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Stat:AL: Allotmentodp:Frequency offset (analog only)
(help)APP:Application(help)d if directional
AU: Authorizedpolarization (Horizontal, Vertical, Circular, Elliptical)
CP: Construction Permit
CP MOD: Construction Permit, Modified
LIC: Licensed
OP: Operational

*: major virtual channel guessed, not in database. (help)
35.1: Virtual channel. May not always be accurate. (help)
E: Language. E=English, S=Spanish, F=French, O=Other, M=Multilingual, others possible. (help)
NBC: Network. (help)

Acaponeta And Tecual XHACN-TDT {32}15,000 -14 Z H 22-24-11N105-27-31WLIC-LD 2.1:S:las estrellas
2.2:S:Canal 5
Compostela XHAF-TDT-1 {30}350 -21 Z H 21-14-26N104-53-41WLIC-LD 1.1:S:Azteca 13
Compostela XHLBN-TDT-1 {31}350 -21 Z H 21-14-26N104-53-41WLIC-LD 7.1:S:Azteca 7
Islas Marias XHIMN-TDT {23}1,300 591 Z H 21-37-24N106-35-03WLIC-LD 2.1:S:las estrellas
Penitas XHTFL-TDT-1 {33}15,000 395 Z H 21-56-02N105-12-55WLIC-LD 5.1:S:Canal 5
5.2:S:Gala TV
Santa Maria Del Oro XHAF-TDT-2 {30}1,280 71 Z H 21-20-01N104-35-17WLIC-LD 1.1:S:Azteca 13
Santa Maria Del Oro XHLBN-TDT-2 {31}1,280 71 Z H 21-20-01N104-35-17WLIC-LD 7.1:S:Azteca 7
Santiago Ixcuintla XHSEN-TDT {38}17,000 401 Z H 21-56-02N105-12-55WLIC-DT 2.1:S:las estrellas
Tepic XHCTNY-TDT {22}20,000 278 Z H 21-31-58N104-54-47WLIC-DT 3.1:S:Imagen TV
Tepic XHTPG-TDT {24}20,000 284 Z H 21-31-58N104-54-47WLIC-DT 10.1:S:La Senal de la G
Tepic XHTEN-TDT {28}55,000 203 Z H 21-31-48N104-54-57WLIC-DT 2.1:S:las estrellas
Tepic XHAF-TDT {30}24,000 287 Z H 21-32-03N104-54-37WLIC-DT 1.1:S:Azteca 13
Tepic XHLBN-TDT {31}23,970 287 Z H 21-32-03N104-54-37WLIC-DT 7.1:S:Azteca 7
Tepic XHTFL-TDT {33}55,000 203 Z H 21-31-48N104-54-57WLIC-DT 5.1:S:Canal 5
5.2:S:Gala TV
Tepic XHKG-TDT {36}20,040 150 Z H 21-31-48N104-54-55WLIC-DT 4.1:S:Televisa local

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