This list will change; additional equipment will be available as I inventory it.

All equipment is available immediately.

I can arrange for you to pick up in Nashville. Most gear can be shipped, although I think that’s going to be a challenge with the LK-500ZB. If you act quickly I can bring it to Dayton:)

All prices are negotiable. I haven’t done much gear trading over the years, so I may be out of touch with some numbers. (although I have taken a quick look on QRZ and eHam)

If interested please email at dougw9wi@gmail.com .




Price (all negotiable, shipping extra)

Begali Stealth 030 twin-paddle Morse key

Iambic paddle key

New in box, never used. Won at Dayton, I already had one & don’t need another:)


R. A. Kent twin-paddle Morse key TP-1B

Iambic paddle key.

Works great. A bit tarnished, and the plastic paddles are missing. (You can get a set for 7.50 at http://www.kent-engineers.com . Google says that’s $9.72 U.S..)


Yaesu FT-1000MP

HF radio

Power supply intermittent. Occasionally will fail to power up, or will work in receive but won’t transmit.


Icom IC-765

HF radio

Working when removed from service years ago.


Lance Johnson Engineering Beverage antenna kit


ECP-1 balun

Elbert County Preamp

Power/Signal Box for preamp

Electrical box to hold preamp & balun

Working when removed from service. (I used it to log Spokane on 1510KHz – while 50,000-watt WLAC was on the air on the same frequency…)

Indoor power/signal box is clean.

The outdoor components have been in the weather for 15+ years.


Ten-Tec 3003 “Acro-Bat” antenna connector & hanger

Center insulator for dipole.

New in bag, never used. Won at Dayton.


Linemaster dual footswitch 125-S-AN-3210-1

Two identical footswitches on a single metal base. (great for SO2R!) Military surplus, marked SA 825/PNH-4.

This thing is heavy. It won’t run away from your foot...

Known working, clean but a bit worn.


Comet CF-530 VHF/HF duplexer

Passes 1.3-90MHz to one port, 125-470MHz to the other.

Used with the FT-8900, to use the HF antennas on 10 and 6 meters, and the VHF antenna on 2m and 70cm.

Rated to pass 600 watts on 6m, 2m, and 70cm. Doesn’t say anything about the rest of the spectrum.

Known working, very clean


Staples USB serial adapter

USB RS-232 adapter

Known working, clean


Realistic 32-1101A stereo mixer

Audio mixer. Two mono mike inputs; two inputs for turntables; one for a tape deck.

Good condition but never operated.


Ativa MobilIT USB hub

7-port USB hub

Known working, very clean


Larsen CM-MM mag-mount 2m antenna

2-meter mobile mag-mount antenna

Working when removed from service.


Yaesu FT-8900R

Quad-band FM transceiver (10m, 6m, 2m, 70cm)

Known working, very clean


Mirage MP1

2kw peak/average wattmeter & SWR meter

Known working, clean


West Mountain Radio RIGrunner 4008

8-port, 40-amp DC distribution strip w/PowerPoles

Known working, very clean


Kenwood KPS-7

7-amp 13.8V DC power supply

Known working, clean


Astron RS-10A

10-amp 13.8V DC power supply

Known working, clean


Astron RS-20A

20-amp 13.8V DC power supply

Known working, clean


Amp Supply LK-500ZB w/external transformer

1.5kw HF linear amplifier. External transformer in separate box w/fan. (original transformer also present) This is probably not shippable...

Known working on all bands except 160, very clean. Suspect input circuitry issue on 160.


WX0B Six-Pak

Remote antenna switch, six inputs & two outputs

Mostly working. One or two relays flaky. Outdoor unit has been outside for 20-something years so it’s not exactly mint(grin)


Heathkit SA-2040

Antenna tuner (no watt/SWR meter)

Known working, a bit dusty


Heathkit SA-2060

Antenna tuner w/built-in watt/SWR meter

Known working, clean



Kenwood TS-940 w/RS-232 port

HF transceiver

Believed working when removed from service many years ago. Has third-party RS-232 interface.


Icom IC-706MKIIG

HF/VHF/UHF transceiver

Known working, clean. Spent about two years in the mobile.


Autek RF Analyst

Antenna bridge

Fairly clean, electrical condition unknown.



Active antenna (receive only)

Unknown. Door prize at BCB DX convention, never used.



Microwave Modules MMT144/28

2m to 10m (and back) transverter

Not operational. Bought from W9YT many years ago.


K1EL Winkeyer1

Single-port serial CW keyer

Known working. Excellent condition, modified for 9V external power to allow use when the computer is off. Not 100% certain this one works with N1MM Logger.


K1EL Winkeyer USB

Two-port USB CW keyer, excellent for use with N1MM Logger

Known working, clean



Drake W4

2kw forward/reverse power meter. MODIFIED with “peak detector” to allow display of either average or peak power.

Known working. Good condition.


West Mountain Radio RIGblaster Advantage

Computer interface for CW, SSB, and data modes.

Known working, very clean. Includes cable for radios with 8-pin round mike jack. Also includes all jumpers, a USB cable, and a 1/8” male-to-male cable.


Belkin F1BO24 data switch

Switch between two DB25F connectors to a single DB25F. Used to switch a single serial port between two devices.

Working when removed from service many years ago. Very clean.


Radio Shack HTX-212 2m mobile radio

2-meter FM mobile.

Working when removed from service. Some cracking on mike cord at connector, and on antenna cable going into rear of radio.


Saratoga PP4

3-port PowerPole splitter, fused for 20 amps.

Known working, clean.



TNC-2 AX.25 packet radio controller

Condition unknown. Rough appearance but complete.



Multimode (AX.25/RTTY/other obsolete modes) controller

Working when removed from service. Fair appearance.


RadioShack DX-398 portable receiver

Digitally-tuned SWL receiver.

LW (225-513KHz)

MW (520-1710KHz)

SW (1715-29995KHz)

FM (87.5-108MHz)

Has BFO – will tune SSB on shortwave.

Has RDS decoder for FM. (displays station name)

Works. (listening as I type) Good, but a few scratches.


Eimac 3-500Z tube

Tube:) Made in U.S.A.

Working when removed from service many years ago but slightly low emission.


Alliance HD-73 antenna rotor

Antenna rotor w/control box

Believed working but never set up. Bought to use on a VHF tower, never built.


CX-201 antenna switch

2-position SO239 coax switch

Known working, dusty.


B&W 593 antenna switch

3-position SO239 coax switch

Working when removed from service. Dirty but in good condition.



Dow-Key 260-2604 bypass relay

120V coil. Used to remotely bypass an antenna tuner.

Working when removed from service. Good condition.


“Hamfest!” board game

Similar to Monopoly but ham radio topics. “FCC Exam” instead of “Chance”, etc.

Complete, clean, only played once:)


Bud PS 11543 G project box

1-1/2”H x 5-1/2”W x 3”D, gray plastic

New in plastic wrap


LMB M-E 7114 project box

4”H x 11”W x 7”D, unfinished aluminum



Ten-Tec TP-46 project box

2-7/8”H x 7”W x 5-3/4”D, unfinished aluminum

New in plastic wrap


Assorted Heathkit manuals

HD-1250 Solid-State Dip Meter

SA-2040 Antenna Tuner SOLD

ET-3200 Digital Design Experimenter

IG-5280 RF Oscillator

HM-102 RF Power Meter

IM-4100 Frequency Counter

HD-20 Crystal Calibrator

HD-4040 Terminal Node Controller

Various conditions, generally fair-good. I do not have any of this equipment, just the manuals.

FREE if you cover the postage.

More to follow.