November Decision - We have a winner.

Mr. BinLaden's goal: to use brutal attacks on Americans to put an end to the American way of life. To bankrupt America. To impose his strictly fundamentalist religious/moral code - not only on his followers, not only on other Muslims, but on the entire world.

Yesterday's action by millions of imbeciles across the United States has handed BinLaden the grand prize for his actions of Sept. 11th.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America...
(uh, isn't it dumb to pledge allegiance to a piece of cloth?)

...and to the republic for which it stands...
(not me, not any more...) nation...
(It was pretty obviously two nations last night, with the one that controls the "red states" obviously not giving a d**n about the one that controls the "blue states"...)

...under God...
(forcibly, if necessary)

...with liberty and justice for all.
(who have enough $$$ to buy it)

Over the last 24 years, this nation has made it obvious it has no intention of respecting my values. It has no intention of listening to my values. Values shared by half the country.

If that's how America feels, fine. Just don't come along asking me to declare my loyalty to this country. Will I commit treason? No. No other nation or entity that has the desire to overthrow the U.S. government would do any better. (but in the admittedly rather unlikely case that a future Canadian government decides to reprise the War of 1812, you may find me on the "wrong" side...) Just don't expect to find an American flag on this website; don't expect to see me saluting a flag and reciting my loyalty to a nation that wishes to impose its values on me.

(oh, and do expect me to use my vote to harass this imbecilic government as much as possible.)

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