Last update: Fri Oct 6 10:26:32 CDT 2006

  • ERP: effective radiated power, in watts
  • HAAT: antenna height above average terrain, in meters
  • Status:APP: Application
  • CP: Construction permit (may already be on the air)
  • LIC: Licensed - on the air
  • Permanent ch.: elected permanent DTV channel. May be different from interim channel.
  • Channel 2: (pilot carrier: 54.31MHz)
    LocationCallERPHAATNetStatusPermanent ch.Notes
    AK SitkaKTNL-DT1,000-212CBSCP2
    CO Grand JunctionKREX-DT80028CBSCP2
    FL TallahasseeWTWC-DT9,200583NBCLIC40
    GA WrensWCES-DT30,000436PBSCP 2(has filed to move to ch. 6)
    GU AganaKUAM-DT40282CBSCP[1]
    MI KalamazooWWMT-DT6,900305CBSLIC 2(app 10,000w)
    MT ButteKTVM-DT11,200576NBCCP 6(has permit to move interim operation to ch. 33)
    NM Cliff, GilaK02KG-D80n/aPBS (KRWG)APP 2(flash cut)
    NM LordsburgK02KP-D40n/aPBS (KRWG)APP 2(flash cut)
    NV Las VegasKVBC-DT27,700386NBCLIC 2
    NY ElmiraWETM-DT270363NBCLIC 18(CP 10,000w) (has applied to move interim operation to ch. 33)
    OH ClevelandWKYC-DT8,000296NBCLIC 17(app 20,000w)
    SD FlorenceKDLO-DT3,700241CBSLIC3
    SD Rapid CityKOTA-DT7,100185ABCLIC2

    Channel 3: (pilot carrier: 60.31MHz)
    LocationCallERPHAATNetStatusPermanent ch.Notes
    AK BethelKYUK-DT4,68063PBSCP3
    CA RidgecrestK59AO-D230n/aNBC (KNBC)APP 3
    FL Key WestWSBS-DT1,00054TelenoticiasLIC 3(CP 62m)
    IL ChicagoWBBM-DT4,400448CBSLIC11
    ME HarrisonW03AM-D10n/aPBS (WMEA)CP 3(flash cut)
    UT PriceKCBU-DT9,400658RTNLIC11(flash cut, originally operated as analog station on same channel)
    VA RoanokeWBRA-DT7,250618PBSLIC3(CP 627m)

    Channel 4: (pilot carrier: 66.31MHz)
    LocationCallERPHAATNetStatusPermanent ch.Notes
    AK Kenai RiverK04DS-D10n/aNBC (KTUU)CP 4(flash cut)
    CA PalermoK04QC-D300n/aCW (KMAX)CP 4(flash cut)
    GA MaconWMAZ-DT14,000181CBSCP13
    IN Fort WayneWANE-DT1,500243CBSCP 31(moving interim operation to ch. 31 also)
    KY DanvilleWDKY-DT26,500327FoxLIC 4(CP 36,400w)
    MA PittsfieldWNYA-DT4,150397MyAPP13(new station, channel assignment not yet approved)
    ME AllagashW04BH-D10n/aPBS (WCBB)APP 4(flash cut)
    ME BethelW04BS-D20n/aPBS (WMEA)CP 4(flash cut)
    ME St. FrancisW04AY-D4n/aPBS (WMEM)APP 4(flash cut)
    NC ManteoWSKY-DT12,000274indCP4(flash cut)
    NM Silver CityKSIL-LD20n/aunk.APP4(flash cut)
    NY AlbanyWXXA-DT8,100347FoxAPP7(has permit for ch. 7 for interim operation as well)
    NY BinghamtonWIVT-DT1,500263ABCLIC34
    OR SalemKPXG-DT16,000490iLIC22(app 19,400w/455m)
    PA HarrisburgWHP-DT2,300349CBSLIC21

    Channel 5: (pilot carrier: 76.31MHz)
    LocationCallERPHAATNetStatusPermanent ch.Notes
    AK GirdwoodK05FW-D60n/aPBS (KAKM)CP5(flash cut)
    AL TuscaloosaWCFT-DT9,500625ABCLIC33
    AR Little RockKETS-DT2,100548PBSLIC7
    CA MercedKNSO-DT7,000562TelemundoCP11
    CT HartfordWTIC-DT1,000616FoxCP 31(has permit to operate on ch. 31)
    FL GainesvilleWLUF-LD300n/aeducationalAPP ?(analog operation is on ch. 10)
    GA PelhamWABW-DT3,800474PBSCP5(has filed to move to ch. 6)
    GU AganaKGTF-DT8,26075PBSCP5
    KS EnsignKBSD-DT20,000198CBSCP6
    MI KalamazooWGVK-DT10,000169PBSLIC5
    MT ButteKXLF-DT8,000576CBSCP5
    OH ToledoWLMB-DT10,000155iLIC5
    OR La GrandeKTVR-DT6,000775PBSLIC 13(CP 816m)
    OR PortlandKWBP-LD300n/aCW (KWBP)CP 5(flash cut)
    TX ConroeKPXB-DT9,500555iLIC49
    VA RoanokeW05AA-D300n/aABC (WSET)CP 5(flash cut)
    VI ChristianstedWCVI-DT1,000125CWCP23(has permit to move interim operation to ch. 23 as well)

    Channel 6: (pilot carrier: 82.31MHz)
    LocationCallERPHAATNetStatusPermanent ch.Notes
    AK AnchorageKYES-DT45,000277MyCP 5(app 615m) (originally authorized for ch. 22)
    AK JuneauKTOO-DT750-324PBSCP 10(has permit to move interim operation to ch. 10)
    CO CortezK06JF-D50n/aCBS (KREZ)CP 6(flash cut)
    CO Divide CreekK06GW-D10n/aPBS (KRMA)CP 6(flash cut)
    CT New HavenWEDY40088PBSCP6
    MT Miles CityK06FE-D100n/aNBC (KULR)CP 6(flash cut)
    NE ChadronK06JC-D130n/aPBS (KTNE)CP 6(flash cut)
    NE CrawfordK06KR-D60n/aPBS (KTNE)CP 6(flash cut)
    NM Wagon MoundK06BN-D10n/aCBS (KRQE)CP 6(flash cut)
    NY New YorkWNYZ-LD300n/aethnic [0]CP6
    WV WestonWDTV-DT10,000248CBSCP5

    [0] station is reported operating in analog as a Russian-language *radio* station -- most USA FM radios can receive channel 6 TV sound.

    [1] station has not requested a permanent DTV assignment yet.

    n/a station has "translator", "low-power", or "Class A" license. FCC doesn't track antenna HAAT for these classes of station.